GE HealthCare partners with BAMF Health to bolster theranostics adoption

GE HealthCare announced a collaboration with Grand Rapids-based cancer treatment center BAMF Health to advance the adoption of theranostics in the U.S. 

Theranostics is an emerging technology and a form of precision medicine that fuses imaging technology with therapeutic agents to pinpoint and target cancer cells for destruction.

BAMF Health offers molecular imaging for various types of cancer as well as molecular therapy for patients with prostate and neuroendocrine cancer, with a substantial focus on theranostics. 

GE HealthCare produces tools that support theranostics, such as cyclotrons, tracer production facility solutions and PET radiochemistry systems, which help BAMF operate its theranostics program. 

The treatment center will utilize GE HealthCare’s technology to scale turnkey theranostics offerings and develop a go-to-market approach for broader technology adoption. The partners will also establish a framework to support scalable infrastructure and clinical solutions of the technology nationwide. 

“GE HealthCare’s holistic approach to Theranostics brings together critical teams, data and decision-making needed to deliver precise, personalized care for patients,” Catherine Estrampes, president and CEO of GE HealthCare in the U.S. and Canada, said in a statement. “Together with BAMF Health we are thrilled to draw upon our shared expertise to advance the adoption and integration of Theranostics care.”


In November 2022, before GE finalized the spinout of its healthcare division, the company announced more than 40 precision innovations it would concentrate on to drive the future of healthcare, with theranostics being a primary focus.  

The partnership with BAMF is not the first the medtech giant has announced that focuses on advancing theranostics. 

In September, GE HealthCare announced a strategic partnership with Mayo Clinic to collaborate on research and product development focusing on precision care, AI and theranostics. The alliance was dubbed the Strategic Collaboration for Innovation in Medical Imaging and Theranostics. 

The partners said providers from both companies will work together to advance magnetic resonance technologies and techniques; employ AI, multimodal data and digital health platforms to streamline the patient care experience; enhance diagnostic and interventional ultrasound; and improve cancer care using theranostic agents.

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