Force Factor LeanFire with Next-Gen SLIMVANCE Advanced Thermogenic Fat Burner for Weight Loss with B Vitamins and Capsimax to Boost Metabolism, Increase Energy, and Enhance Focus, 60 Capsules

TRUE WEIGHT LOSS BREAKTHROUGH: For years, diet pills have notoriously produced mixed results, casting doubt on their effectiveness entirely. After nearly 30 years of mediocre formulas, the next generation in weight-loss science has arrived. LeanFire with Next-Gen SLIMVANCE is engineered to deliver comprehensive weight loss results in three phases: restrict fat production, prevent fat storage, and ignite fat oxidation.
EXTENDED ENERGY FOR FIERY FAT BURNING: Boosting energy directly helps you fight fatigue and maintain focus, while promoting thermogenesis. Premium branded ingredients like Infinergy, zümXR, TeaCrine theacrine, and Capsimax help to elevate energy levels throughout the day, ignite thermogenesis, suppress appetite, and improve focus and mood.
COMPELLING CLINICAL RESULTS: In a recent clinical study, participants who maintained a reduced-calorie diet, walked 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, and took SLIMVANCE daily experienced a 6X increase in weight loss versus the placebo group (11.8 lbs. vs. 1.9 lbs.), 3X reduction in waist circumference (2.11 inches vs. 0.68 inches), 3X reduction in hip size (1.76 inches vs. 0.49 inches), and 6X reduction in body mass index (BMI) (2.04 kg/m2 vs. 0.34 kg/m2).

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