Garden of Life Omega 3 Vegan DHA Supplements Dr. Formulated Vegan DHA, 400mg DHA & 70mg DPA in Triglyceride Form from a Single Source, Omega 3 Supplement for Women’s and Men’s Health, 30 Softgels

DOCTOR FORMULATED PLANT BASED OMEGA 3 SUPPLEMENT: Supports brain health, heart health and overall wellness with 400 mg DHA plus 70 mg DPA in Triglyceride Form (the natural form)—all in a single, easy to swallow softgel; A great alternative to fish oil
CONVENIENT ONCE DAILY VEGAN OMEGA 3 DHA: Our Doctor formulated Algal Oil DHA formula includes single-sourced Algae (Schizochytrium sp.) which is fully traceable, cultivated and grown to meet the highest quality standards
OMEGA VEGAN SUPPLEMENT WITH DHA FOR BRAIN AND HEART: Delivers over 400 mg total Omega-3s with naturally occurring Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPM)—compounds that support the body’s normal inflammatory responses—including Resolvins and Protectins

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