Malar 7% Ala & Aha Brightening Face Wash With Vitamin B5 For Hydration, Glycolic Acid For Exfoliation & Alpha Lipoic Acid For Glowing Skin | For Men & Women, 100 Ml Price: $69.42 (as of 16/04/2023 04:55 PST- Details)

Formulated with Alpha lipoic acid which is a strong antioxidant & exfoliant which promotes regeneration of other antioxidants like Vitamin C & E thus protects the skin barrier from sun damage.
Boosted with Glycolic acid which belongs to the family of AHAs known for removing dead cells & promoting cell turnover through top layer exfoliation
Complimented by Vitamin B5 & Betaine which further enhances the anti- inflammatory properties & hydrate and soothe the skin

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