Portable Home Gym Equipment, Multifunction Push Up Board with Automatic Count and Automatic Timing Adjustable Elbow Support with Resistance Bands for Chest, Tricep, Back, Abdominal Workout (COUNT AND TIME WHITE)

Product: The The portable fitness device is more efficient and stable.You can use to strengthen all muscle groups. Includes designated areas for triceps, back, shoulders, and chest plus more. Easily optimize your strength, core, and abdominal training with 40% more muscle growth not possible with other designs.
Material: The push-up board is made of ABS ductile plastic which makes the material very study with high impact & temperature resistance. Foldable design, nonslip handles that fit perfectly in the board, and built-in carry handles to make it easier and more convenient to transport.
Design: The strong push-up board has unique appearance of custom design is fashionable and efficient.It can working out the right muscle groups according to the color area improves exercise efficiency by 40%.Target (chest, triceps, shoulders, back) for maximum effect,you’re going to love your new progress.