Portable Neck Strengthener by NeckSpring, Relieves Neck Pain, Restore Cervical Curvature, Improves posture; and Reverses Nerd Neck

Combat Nerd Neck – Relieves the discomfort after spending too much time in front of screens. NeckSpring can help fix slouching so you don’t have to feel the pain of a long day at the desk or suffer after a night of gaming.
Perform Easy, Simple Exercises- The Neck Spring has a minimalistic design that’s easy to put on and take off for an exercise that can be performed in moments. Using the Neck Spring as a regular exercise can help restore cervical curvature and posture.
Lightweight and Sleek Design -The NeckSpring is extremely lightweight and can be carried with you, wherever you go! Use it at work or at home so you can relieve your neck pain anywhere. The coil guards eliminate the risk of pinching and the padded back adds support for your neck and shoulders.