Push Up Board Folded ABS Multifunction Rack Abdominal Chest Muscle Training Home Gym Exercise Body Building Equipment

🏋Multifunctional and fun: this 10-in-1 support board is color-coded for specific muscle groups: chest muscles, abdominal muscles, arms and back. (Red represents the shoulders, yellow represents the back, green represents the triceps, and blue represents the pectoral muscles). Auxiliary instructions and pictures can provide you with a professional muscle training guide. Let us decode different colors, exercise can also be a joy.
🏋 Foldable and portable: This is a light, compact and portable foldable handle. Whether you are at home, office, gym or anywhere else, you can use it to get an excellent training experience. Lose fat and build muscle anytime, anywhere.
🏋High-quality non-slip material: The upper push rod is made of high-quality sturdy ABS plastic, which has strong toughness and is not easy to break. The non-slip handle helps to distribute the force evenly, thereby reducing the pressure and tension on the user’s wrist and elbow. In addition, multiple anti-skid plugs can help stabilize the handle of the support during exercise.