Solaray Potassium 99 mg, Fluid and Electrolyte Balance Formula, Potassium Supplement for Muscle, Nerve, Cellular and Heart Health Support, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, 100 Servings, 100 VegCaps

Daily Support – A powerful electrolyte supplement, our potassium capsules provide 99 mg of bioavailable potassium amino acid complex per serving, designed to support a normal, healthy balance in the blood.
Essential Electrolyte – Involved in cellular health, nerve impulse transmission and the healthy functioning of muscles, including your heart, potassium supplements may help support healthy heart rhythm.
Workout Formula – Designed to help maintain a proper fluid and electrolyte balance, our potassium caps may also help support physical stamina and enhanced muscle function during exercise so you can get the most out of your workouts.

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