XUpTrainer Home Gym Equipment for Healthy Body Weight Workout Anywhere

COMPLETE GYM IN ONE PORTABLE BAG – XUpTrainer brings original XUP total body fitness and core exercises, replaces classic exercise machines from the gym, includes TRX Suspension Trainer, Total Gym and you can use it also like a Upper Pulley, Resistance Bands and a Simple Swing. If you like to exercise at home, you can be sure that this fitness equipment will replace all other gym equipment and exercise machines you would otherwise need.
HEALTHY LOW IMPACT ON JOINTS WORKOUTS – The XUP unique pulley system facilitates each movement, means low impact on joints and allows beginners to do quite hard exercise smoothly, technically correct and in a full range movement. Athletes will challenge their goals thanks to the new core exercises.
EFFECTIVE WORKOUT FOR ENTIRE BODY ANYWHERE – XUpTrainer brings the widest variety of bodyweight exercises, suitable for beginners and professional athletes. It´s easy to fix at home to your door or outside to a branch. It´s the best equipment for Body Shaping, Losing Weight, Strengthening, Increasing Cardio Endurance and Improving Flexibility.