Real-world data platform Atropos Health moves into life sciences

Real-world data platform Atropos Health announced it appointed a life science advisory board and moved into the life sciences sector, offering AI innovations, data evaluation, evidence generation and analytics augmentation. 

Atropos’ app helps physicians access real-world evidence to guide clinical decisions and research. 

The California-based company also offers its Green Button for clinical informatics services, which provides publication-grade observational study reports within 48 hours based on a user’s clinical questions.

The company says a specialized Green Button is now available for life sciences stakeholders, allowing companies to maximize real-world datasets for cohort analysis, protocol feasibility, hypothesis testing, treatment pathways, label expansions, regulatory initiatives, patient journeys and unmet needs. Providers can utilize data from their company’s in-house platforms or Atropos’ network. 

“Evidence production is the lifeblood of the life sciences business. With Atropos Evidence Platform, researchers can dramatically expand and accelerate their evidence-generation capabilities while maximizing productivity of existing headcount and reducing need for outsourced staffing. Additionally, Atropos Evidence Network allows researchers to rapidly generate evidence from many data sources without extensive onboarding or infrastructure hurdles,” said Dr. Brigham Hyde, CEO and cofounder of Atropos Health, in a statement.  


In June, Atropos announced a partnership with data sharing technology company Datavant, which would provide each company’s members access to the other’s offerings. 

Atropos launched in Amazon Web Services’ marketplace earlier this year and joined the AWS Partner Network.

Last year, the physician consultation service scored $14 million in a Series A funding round.

Other companies employing data to improve healthcare outcomes include EHR data platform nference, which offers a real-world evidence-generation platform, dubbed nSights, that collects de-identified patient clinical data from academic medical centers. The data includes clinical notes, radiology results, lab tests and electrocardiograms.  

Komodo Health offers its Healthcare Map, a data platform that collects de-identified patient data that can be used to create software for life science companies and insurers to determine how patient experiences connect to health outcomes.

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