Sidekick Health acquires PDTx company and more digital health announcements

Digital care management platform Sidekick Health announced it acquired Hamburg-based aidhere, a prescription digital therapeutic for people with obesity. 

Sidekick develops personalized digital therapeutics and programs for chronic and lifestyle disease management, ranging from diabetes to ulcerative colitis and smoking cessation. Its offering enables multiple interventions to be synchronized within one platform.  

“With this step, the aidhere team and products form our third business unit for prescribed solutions, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for pharma partners, health insurers and now prescribers on both sides of the Atlantic,” Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, cofounder and CEO of Sidekick Health, said during the announcement at HLTH 2023. 

Oula, a hybrid maternal health company, announced it is partnering with Mount Sinai Health System, making the company’s two brick-and-mortar clinics in Brooklyn Heights and New York part of the Mount Sinai network. 

The company also announced the opening of its third clinic in uptown Manhattan, which will also be part of Mount Sinai’s network.  

In addition to Oula’s in-person services, the company offers a virtual platform with coaching and monitoring from preconception to postpartum. Its services also include an app that helps patients keep track of their maternal care plan, message their care providers and keep track of appointments. 

Adrianne Nickerson, CEO of Oula, said the company plans to expand to California and New Jersey in the coming years.  

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