SOAP Health, AESOP Technology collaborate on AI platform and more digital health partnerships

Taiwanese medical AI startup AESOP Technology announced it is collaborating with conversational and generative AI platform SOAP Health to create a new platform dubbed Precision Patient Profiles, which merges the two organizations’ technologies to provide physicians with a more comprehensive view of patient information. 

Precision Patient Profiles will combine AESOP’s machine learning, AI-enabled data analysis tool DxPrime with SOAP’s medical AI assistant focused on patient intake, blending emergency medical record systems data with patient-reported data.

The platform seeks to help providers obtain a better overview of their patients, which the companies say will improve the diagnosis process, revenue and workflow efficiency. 

“The joint venture between AESOP Technology and SOAP Health promises to radically optimize physician data collection and medical coding,” Jeremiah Scholl, cofounder and chief product officer of AESOP Technology, said in a statement. “Our shared mission is to harness the power of AI to improve patient outcomes and clinical efficiency, and this partnership is a giant leap toward fulfilling that commitment.”

Myndshft, a value-based care company providing automated prior authorization software, is teaming up with Atlas Health, a philanthropic aid-automation company focused on vulnerable populations. 

The partners will combine their prior authorization and patient assistance automation solutions to help patients from marginalized communities access care providers. 

They say their partnership will help ease administrative tasks within health systems and improve workflows.

“Our goal at Atlas Health has always been to get affordable healthcare to as many patients and as quickly as possible. However, there are still far too many administrative wrinkles that get in the way of access to treatment — including the time-consuming prior authorization process,” Atlas Health CEO Ethan Davidoff said in a statement. “With Myndshyft’s best-in-class prior authorization technology combined with our philanthropic aid platform, we’ll be able to automate access and affordability solutions for patients on high-cost drugs, end-to-end.”

Pennsylvania-based tech-enabled women’s healthcare startup ProgenyHealth is partnering with Texas-based nonprofit managed care organization Community Health Choice to expand women’s health services in Houston. 

ProgenyHealth, which focuses on maternity and NICU Care Management, will support maternity case management, NICU utilization and case management, and payment assurance and validation services. 

The women’s health platform will be part of the insurance plan provider’s Medicaid-focused Texas STAR program, which covers low-income families and children, and Texas CHIP Perinate Unborn, a perinatal coverage plan for unborn children of pregnant women ineligible for Medicaid with a federal poverty income level.   

“We are a health plan with heart and our mission is to continually open doors of care and wellness to our members,” Lisa Wright, CEO of Community Health Choice, said in a statement. “Healthier communities are stronger communities and our new strategic partnership with ProgenyHealth is having a significant impact on thousands of our plan members and fellow residents.”

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